The journey through 8 countries of the container train from Vietnam to Belgium

Train runs directly between Vietnam and Belgium about 25 days

Hôm qua (20/7), ngành Đường sắt tổ chức chạy chuyến tàu chuyên container đầu tiên sang Bỉ.

The train departs from Yen Vien station (Vietnam), the destination is Liege (Belgium), then transits the container by road to the destination is the city of Rotterdam (Netherlands). According to PV Traffic Newspaper, the train consists of 23 40-foot containers, transporting goods such as textiles, leather and footwear.

hành trình qua 8 nước của đoàn tàu container từ việt nam chạy thẳng sang bỉ

The Vietnam - Belgium container train pulled by Chinese locomotives is running on the border railway, about to arrive at the Chinese railway.


Mr. Nguyen Hoang Thanh, Deputy General Director of Ratraco Company - the business in charge of transporting transport towards Vietnam's railways, said that the train journey will go to Zhengzhou (Ha Nam province, China) and connect to the train Asia - Europe to reach the destination.

“From Yen Vien station to Chinese railway, the train runs on a gauge of 1,435mm, when it comes to the Kazakhstan border station, the gauge will be converted to a gauge of 1,520mm. At that time, the container will have to change to a 1,520mm wagon to set up the next train.”

Now the train has arrived in Guangxi (China). According to the itinerary, the train will go to Zhengzhou and connect all 23 wagons of container to China's Asia-Europe train to continue to Kazakhstan, across countries. : Russia - Belarus - Poland - Germany and then into Belgium. The total transit time, if favorable, is expected for the entire Vietnam - Belgium journey about 25 days, Mr. Thanh informed.

“Saying that the train runs directly from Vietnam to Belgium but still connects to the Chinese train is because China's container train to Europe has at least 41 containers and has one starting point and one destination.

But this train from Vietnam has 23 containers, so it will have to connect to the Asia-European container train with the starting point from Zhengzhou, the destination is Liege city, not returning the goods along the route," he said. Thanh explained.


Container ships when arriving at Khorgos (Kazakhstan) will be transferred to wagons to convert gauges and set up trains to continue.


Delivery - receive package "door to door"

Mr. Thanh added, this is the first container train that Ratraco Company cooperates with shipping, forwarding and receiving businesses from other countries providing logistics service chains for customers from Vietnam to Belgium.

In which, Vietnam railway is in charge of transportation from Vietnam to China, the Chinese partner undertakes transport from China to Belgium and after the goods arrive in Belgium, the consolidating - delivery partner will organize the distribution. to customer requirements.

Vietnam Railways provides all logistics services in Vietnam such as going to ports to select containers, inspecting containers and taking them to factories to pack goods, then bring them to the station for collection and transportation by railway to Yen Vien train station, from there to China to continue to Belgium.

Regarding procedures, customers open export declarations themselves at the factory, while railways carry out the remaining customs procedures such as exporting goods at the border gate.

Mr. Thanh said that in order to track the train journey, when the train departs in China, it is mandatory to have a GPS tracking system. As for from Vietnam to China, depending on the service choice of the customer, if the customer has a need, the railway will install a positioning device on the container. In case there is no need, but when customers need train location information, Vietnam Railways will still notify customers.

“Not only this train, but with other trains going to Europe, Vietnam railways are currently operating such as going to Russia, Poland, Germany or reverse, Vietnam Railways cooperates with delivery and receipt partners, shipping countries to provide "door to door" package products to shippers," said Mr. Thanh, adding that shippers can also choose individual services such as rail transportation, export-import procedures, delivery...

Currently, Ratraco and its European partner are starting to plan and organize 8 trips per month departing from Vietnam.

The second group is expected to depart from Yen Vien on July 27 with electronic products; The third group departed on August 3.


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