Being a member company with 100% regulation capital of RATRACO; operating in the field of domestic and international travel and tourism business;

Brand name: Ratraco travel;

Market brand: Vietnamrailtour;

Head office: No. 95/97 Le Duan Street, Cua Nam Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi City;

Ratraco travel is licensed by the Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi City to operate at: 0105099155 on January 6, 2011 with the following functions:

 - International and domestic travel business;

- Consulting services, designing and organizing package tours combined with events, learning, exchanges, conferences, seminars (MICE), team building activities (team building ).

- Support related to promotion organization and tour organization for domestic and foreign partners;

- Organization of trade introduction and promotion;

- Consulting visa application for Vietnam and other countries.

- Other supporting service activities related to transportation: activities of air ticketing agents; train;

- Short-stay services;

- Restaurants and mobile catering services;

- Car rental from 4 - 45 seats;

- Travel insurance consulting.

In 2014,  Vietnam National Administration of Tourism issued an International Travel Business Registration License for Ratraco travel under GP number: 01-360/2015/TCDL - GPHQT




With professional, dynamic and creative  staff, with the contribution of experienced guides and travel experts who understand the psychology of customers, localities and destinations, Ratraco travel has constantly created and successfully designed many tours for customers. Thereby arousing the love of the country and the Vietnamese people as well as promoting the image of Vietnam to the world with deep pride in their homeland.

That parallel, we are also organize special tours and programs as the request of customers and dedicated to providing fast and accurate information to meet the increasing travel demand, variety of domestic and foreign customers.

Our company's official website is: www.vietnamrailtour.com. We are very pleased to provide useful informations for customers in the process of deciding to choose the right tour. We offer services and tours that deliver an exceptional, fully customizable experience that's updated to your needs with our team of travel experts. Budget, luxury or shopping - we're here to deliver whatever your travel style is.



Ratraco travel's vision:

To become one of the leading travel companies in Vietnam with a diversified and rich tours system, high quality and reasonable prices.

Become a tourism brand with a closed service system from affiliated member units including transport, tourism, hotels, restaurants, amusement parks...


Mission of Ratraco travel:

As a reliable companion to bring exciting journeys of discovery and conquest, where customers satisfy their passion for enjoyment, Ratraco Travel is determined to bring the best quality services, attentive service style become a place where tourists trust and are always satisfied after each trip.

- A place to satisfy and spread the passion of tourism people, create a professional, fair and equal working environment, recognize the contribution and honor the creations of like-minded talents. direction.


Our Travel's business philosophy :

- Spread the passion to develop your career and move forward in the market.

- Get rich with satisfied and smiles of customers.

- Ensure the value and benefits of customers.

- Respect for transparency and compliance with the law.

- Quality of products and services: is the factor that creates the sustainable development of enterprises.




Our team:

 Our office staff, tour operators are confident to be fluent in at least two languages Vietnamese and English/Chinese, with at least 10 years of experience. A team of professional guides is licensed by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism to operate in the field of domestic and international tour guide.

 With that experience, we constantly bring to customers the perfect travel program with many famous destinations in the country and internationally as well as constantly expanding to discover, bring and exploit new tourist destinations.


 Company development direction:

 - Maintaining and increasing the growth rate on all indicators: sales, market share, human resources, brand value, number of unique products (package tour design, customized tour, supply) single services such as selling air tickets, train tickets, hotel rooms, other transportation services...)

 - Promote and enhance the company's existing strengths in designing package tours for small groups, single family groups, special tours for each event to serve the increasing and diverse needs of customers. products in the era of rapid integration with the world today.

 - With the desire to constantly promote product quality and customer service attitude, more and more dedicated and thoughtful. We are always ready to receive and appreciate your comments.


For any information please contact:

Ratraco Travel Co., Ltd

Head office: 95/97 Le Duan Street, Cua Nam Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi City

Phone:  (+84) 024 39422889 – 39425605 . Hotline: 0912.512.724/0904.192.192

Email: info@ratraco.com.vn/op1.vnrtour@ratraco.com.vn

Website: www.Vietnamrailtour.com