As a business unit under RATRACO, providing catering services and accommodation services for customers (Tourism, public affairs, ....)

With the goal of bringing interesting service experiences to every guest staying" in the 3 * Hotel segment;  Mango hotel  has constantly upgraded the interior and exterior of rooms and accompanying services for customers; In addition to the dedicated, attentive and welcoming staff from the reception to the rooms, security, .. To ensure absolute safety for guests staying Mango hotel is also equipped with automatic fire protection systems, security camera surveillance 24/7,.. Located on the central location of Hanoi, Mango hotel will always be the most suitable choice for you to come to rest after a long trip, or great experience in every business trip, travel.




Mango Restaurant offers customers a unique and diverse culinary taste in each meal, is a great destination to experience many culinary styles in the world. When coming to the restaurant, diners will feel the luxurious space, delicate and premium dishes.



On each dining table, the layout is clean and luxurious, everything is carefully prepared from food plates, wine glasses to each knife and fork.



Coming to the restaurant, diners will enjoy the taste of European dishes. From appetizers to main dishes, everything is skillfully prepared, beautifully decorated and eye-catching.


Mango Restaurant is very suitable for diners to welcome, meet important partners, as well as bring unexpected and happy moments with loved ones.