As a 100% owned member company of RATRACO, the company is currently developing a network of freight forwarding services stretching from North to South. Ratraco logistics is an important link in the network of Ratraco, the company has built sustainable cooperative relationships with many big customers who are industrial production, consumption, chemical cosmetics,... In addition, the company also owns many modern loading and unloading equipment, applying high information technology to the management system to be able to provide customers with an optimal transportation service, meeting the needs of customers. expectations as well as increase the value of goods for customers.

Main services:

- Organize the collection, delivery and transportation of all kinds of retail goods, packages, department stores, etc. by open-top wagons (G);

- Exploiting sources of bulk goods, supplies and equipment by open-box wagons (car H);

- Exploiting sources of input materials for factories for industrial production, consumption and combined transportation of finished products and distribution to points of consumption;

- Transporting goods by dry, refrigerated containers;




Benefits of choosing Ratraco Logistics shipping service

Experienced staff

Experienced, dynamic staff, operating in the field of domestic transportation throughout the three regions of North - Central - South. All of them receive specialized professional training, and are always trained internally every year;

Professional service, fastly

Shipping service ensures safe, fast, efficient, competitive costs. Apply, maintain and develop information technology in management to ensure fast, professional, and safe monitoring and operation of all your shipments.

Multimodal transportation

Based on the core strengths of the parent company and Vietnam's railway network infrastructure, Ratraco logistics has oriented to develop a diversified and professional transport model, flexibly combining various modes of transport to fulfill Fulfill orders from Warehouse - Warehouse, warehouse - consumption agent, ... The logistics service chain that Ratraco provides from the stage of contract negotiation, preparation of booking procedures, organization of packaging, storage, and hiring of means of transport. Transport facilities, door-to-door delivery, tracking, order management, .. are all implemented in a harmonious and reasonable combination of labor, time, and cost for customers.

With a team of dedicated and enthusiastic staff, a wide network of activities that are strictly controlled, Ratraco logistics is always ready to meet all your cargo transportation needs: unlimited quantity, package size. including samples, food, cosmetics, technology goods, household appliances, electronics...